Projects/ Game Jams

Latest Game Jam Game:

Global Game Jam 2018: Global Game Jam 2018 – Operator Please

Previous Game Jam Games:

December Unreal Game Jam:

Unreal-chan and the search of the mysterious box

Title: Unreal-Chan and the Search for the Mysterious Box
Download Link: [Link]

A,D= Move Left/Right
W, Spacebar= Jump
F= Interate with box
E, Left mouse button= Shoot

January Unreal Game Jam

Title: Escape to Square one
Team: Jvthewanderer and GlzmoGamer
Download: Unavailable

February Unreal Game Jam

Title: Shoot up for Love
Download Link: Link

W,A,S,D = Move
Left Shift = Aim
Left Mouse Button = Attack / Shoot

Goal of the Game: Love fariys have Infestive the Unreal High School and Up to Unreal-chan To show them the love that actually hurts. Shoot all the fariys before time runs out!

March Unreal Game Jam

Title: UniUnre Freedom Mayham
Download Link: Link
WASD: Move
Left Mouse: Aim
Left Click: Shoot
Esc or P: Pause

Ludum Dare 32

Bad Service Cafe
Title: Bad Service Cafe
Download Link: Link

June Unreal Game Jam

Title: Jazzy’s Rekt Town

Download LinkLink

WASD: Move
Left Mouse Button: Attack

Indies Vs. Gamers


Title: Shoot Alot of Guys!

Link to The Game: Link

A,D Keys: Move Left/Right

W or Spacebar: Jump

S Key: Prone
Left Mouse Button: Shoot

January 2016 Unreal Game Jam: Don’t Push the Button

Global Game Jam 2018

Operator Please

Title: Operator Please

Link to the GameLink


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