Post Epic Mega Game Jam -DevLog#01

This is my game from the Epic Mega Game Jam.

It is a third person shooter (somewhat) where you help take revenge in a space station.
So far from the start to the end of my game jam entry I was having problems with the process of the game. This is something that was out of my comfort zone as I had not focus on what the game play is going to be.

So I’m reworking the game. What I’m focusing on making 3 fire types. Instant, Projectile, And Laser. Building up a level base on one of each fire type. Then I’m redoing the AI.

What I’m Planning to do next after I’m satisfied with the game play is to do concept art and models


Don’t Push the Button!

Game Jam: January Unreal Game Jam


Title:Don’t Push the Button

Download Link: Link


A,D or Arrow Keys: Move Left/Right
Spacebar or Z key: Jump
X Key or Right Mouse: Use
C key or Left mouse: Ability
Tab or V Key: Next character
Left Shift or B Key: Prev charactter


Jazzy- Chan Model



Alias: Unreal-Chan
Name: Jazzmine Flak A.k.a. Jazzy Flak, Jazzy-chan, Jackrabbit(Used by no one)
Height: around 6′ ft
Favorite Food: Bacon
Like: Wrecking stuff, punk rock, Cheerleading
Dislike: Not Recking Stuff.

Change Log:

  • Version 0.1.3
    • The model has been updated.


Download Link


Model and Illustrated by James “Jvthewanderer” Vaughn


Jazzy-Chan (Unreal-chan) is not affiliated by Epic Games.

This model is free to use to the public.